Initial consultations are free until you accept a written work agreement.  

    We can serve at every level of your company, in whatever capacity we can be most

    useful from coaching front-line employees to acting as a trusted advisor to top

    management.  We will present an advisor or an appropriate team, conceive solutions,

    and then, if necessary, assist with implementation.

    Services may include:

         *  Data-Based approaches to sales, marketing, customer service, and productivity,

            including expertise with CRM (Client Relationship Management) systems.

         *  Advice on targeting, lead generation, opportunity advancement, customer

            service as sales, growing wallet share with key customers, and market share.

         *  Advice on sales campaigning, event marketing, communications, and branding.  

         *  Facilitation of market surveys and focus group studies.

         *  Market reports, general research, and economic projections.

         *  Competitor studies; strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threat analysis.

         *  Business planning, re-envisioning, strategizing, new market entry, and exit 


         *  LEAN expertise; minimize waste, optimize productivity, and increase profitability. 


         *  Best practices and standard operating procedures development.

         *  Scalability solutions (outsourcing, automation, e-commerce, etc).

         *  Turn-around planning; advice for recovery and transformation.

         *  Partnership and acquisition searches.

         *  Management coaching. 

         *  Website and e-commerce development.